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BYD Shark

What You Need to Know About BYD Shark

BYD is a company founded in 1995 and initially well-known for the production of batteries. Over time, it has started to produce electric and hybrid vehicles by stepping into the automotive sector as well. BYD is one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers in the world today and has an important position in the global Sunday with innovative technologies and sustainable transportation solutions.

Byd Shark front Side View

The BYD Shark is a next-generation electric vehicle produced by the Chinese automotive and renewable energy company BYD (Build Your Dreams). Launched in Mexico, byd made its first presentation. Byd shark pickup is a model vehicle.  It will be on the European Sunday with the hybrid version.

BYD Shark General Technical Specifications


BYD Shark

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

430 Hp 

trunk volume

1450 lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Charging Filling Time (AC)

20 min It is said to be 80% full


520 km

Vehicle Length

5500 mm

Vehicle width

1980 mm

Vehicle Height

1850 mm

About BYD Shark Exterior Design

The exterior design of BYD Shark attracts attention with its aerodynamic and modern lines similar to the shark from which it gets its name.

Here are the details about the exterior design of BYD Shark;

The BYD Shark has a streamlined and aerodynamic design with low air resistance. This design helps the vehicle to offer a longer range by increasing its efficiency.

There are sharp lines and dynamic lines on the exterior surface of the vehicle. This gives the Shark a sporty and modern look. The Shark is equipped with slim and stylish LED headlights. These headlights increase safety not only aesthetically, but also by providing better visibility. The rear headlight group also has a similarly modern and attractive design.

In the front part of the vehicle, shark-themed design elements stand out. The grid has a closed structure, which is typical for electric vehicles, and improves aerodynamic efficiency. The front bumper and air intakes also support this theme.

Byd Shark Rear Side View

In the side profile, a long and flowing line of lines attracts attention. This gives the car an elegant appearance, while also supporting aerodynamic performance. The rim designs, on the other hand, have both a sporty and stylish appearance and complement the overall aesthetics of the vehicle. In the back part, a modern and stylish design language has been used. With slim LED taillights and a wide rear bumper, the car exhibits a strong stance.

BYD Shark can be offered with various color options, which gives users the opportunity to choose a vehicle that suits their personal tastes. Special color options and details can add a personal touch to the vehicle.

About BYD Shark Interior Design

The interior design of BYD Shark attracts attention with modern technology, comfort and user-friendly features.

Here are the details about the interior design of BYD Shark:

Byd Shark Interior Design

BYD Shark offers passengers a spacious travel experience with its large interior volume. The high roof and wide knee distance provide a comfortable seating area for both the driver and passengers. The materials used in the interior have been selected in accordance with high quality standards. Soft textured surfaces, leather upholstery and high-quality workmanship in the details create a luxurious atmosphere.

The BYD Shark has a fully digital instrument panel. This panel provides the driver with speed, battery status, range and other important information in a clear and legible way. The large touch screen located on the center console is the centerpiece of the in-car infotainment system. Navigation, media, climate control and other vehicle settings can be easily accessed via this screen.

The vehicle is equipped with the latest infotainment technologies. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth and voice command features ensure that the driver and passengers stay connected. Shark's seats are designed to offer maximum comfort even on long trips. Electrically adjustable seats, lumbar supports and memory functions provide a personalized seating experience for the driver and passengers.

The steering wheel is equipped with various control buttons. Thanks to these buttons, the driver can control many functions without taking his hands off the steering wheel. In the interior, there are advanced security systems for the safety of the driver and passengers. Features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant, blind spot warning system increase driving safety.

BYD Shark offers practical storage solutions. There is a large storage area in the center console, door pockets and various storage compartments such as cup holders in the rear seats.Some of the materials inside the vehicle are made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. It reflects BYD's commitment to sustainability.

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