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BYD Seal U Detailed Review

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BYD Seal U Detailed Review

BYD Seal U Detailed Review

BYD is the automobile division of BYD Company Limited, a China-based automobile manufacturer. The company is prominent in the production of electric vehicles, but also produces vehicles with internal combustion engines.

BYD Seal U Base View

Here are some important information about BYD;

BYD plays a leading role in the field of electric vehicles. In addition to electric cars, the company produces a variety of electric transport vehicles, such as electric buses, trucks and hybrid vehicles. BYD also operates in the commercial vehicle segment. Electric buses and trucks are in service in many cities for use in urban public transport systems.

BYD is known for its own lithium-ion battery technology. These batteries are used to increase the energy storage of vehicles and the electric driving range. BYD Auto is actively involved in the global Sunday. It also conducts sales and marketing activities in many countries outside China. BYD Auto's product range has a wide variety of models. The company produces vehicles in different segments, from compact cars to luxury sedans and SUVs. BYD Auto strives to constantly innovate on sustainability and green technology issues. The company attracts attention with its environmentally friendly and energy efficient vehicles.

BYD Seal U General Technical Specifications



Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

218 Hp (160 kw)


17.4 Kwh/100km

Luggage Volume

570 lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control


Type of Fuel




Charging Filling Time (AC)

8 Saat 

Charging Filling Time (DC)

29 dk

Charging Filling Speed (AC)

11 Kwh

Charging Filling Speed (DC)

140 Kwh


500 km


87 Kwh

Vehicle Length

4785 mm

Vehicle width

190 mm

Vehicle Height

1668 mm


2050 Kg

BYD Seal U Exterior Design Technical Specifications

BYD Seal U Exterior Design
  • The BYD Seal U has a sporty design. It has smooth lines, sharp edges and a remarkable body.
  • The BYD Seal U driver, which has a wide and comfortable posture, also provides comfort. This also gives the vehicle a sporty appearance.
  • On the front, we see BYD's Dragon face design. A wide front grille, narrow LED headlights and great lines and contours stand out. 
  • BYD Seal U yan taraftaysa düz ve düzgün çizgiler dikkat çeker. Gizli kapı kolları ve aerodinamik tekerleklere sahiptir.
  • In the rear part, horizontal LED taillights and an attractive integrated diffuser attract attention.

BYD Seal U Interior Design Technical Specifications

BYD Seal U Interior Design
  • The interior design of the BYD Seal U features a modern Large touch screen, a digital instrument panel and a very attractive center console.
  • Spacious and comfortable BYD Seal U has a spacious and comfortable interior. There is ample head and legroom in the front and rear seats.
  • The interior design of BYD Seal U is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and you will almost try it out and see.
  • BYD Seal U has a 15.6-inch rotary touch screen multimedia system 10.25-inch digital instrument panel Panoramic glass ceiling JBL audio system Leather seats Ambient lighting.

BYD Seal U Rental

BYD Seal U provides maneuverability in urban driving with its modern design, while offering comfort on long trips with its large interior volume. BYD Seal U provides a safe driving experience for the driver and passengers. The car rental process it happens quickly and easily on it, so you can step into a pleasant journey with BYD Seal U.

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